Beck's Bum Bag - Omybag

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Der Trend überhaupt: kleine Crossbody Bags!

Diese hier ist aus richtig schönem Leder, kommt mit einem breiten Textil Gurt (schwarz-weiß gewebt) und begleitet dich überall hin.

Maße: L 19 W 3 H 15 cm

Gewicht: 350 g

Omybag über ihre verarbeiteten Leder:

Our premium quality leather is tanned without the use of chromium. We choose to work with naturally tanned leather, not only because of its safety for people and the planet but also because it gives all our products their natural trademark look. To verify the absence of chromium, the leather is tested by independent laboratories. Instead of chromium, vegetable tannins are used in the tanning process.

Research has shown that a significant part of the environmental impact of leather occurs in the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is not only the chemicals used in the tanning process that should determine how sustainable the leather is. Accordingly, water, wastewater, air emissions, and energy use are responsibly managed at our tanneries. To ensure a best practice tannery, we work with Leather Working Group (LWG) certified tanneries: Conceria Nuova Grenoble and Shee Sen Leather Pvt.